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Off Farm Visits

Brighten Your Day with a Unique Experience!

Would you like the alpacas to visit YOUR location?

Interested in learning about alpacas, interacting with them, understanding how their fiber is used, asking questions but are not able to visit the farm?  We will bring 2 alpacas (a 3rd alpaca may accompany the others at our discretion) and they can visit your group/location either inside or outside.  Alpacas are wonderful therapy animals as they are calm, quiet, and adorably cute!  Your group will have the chance to be up close with the alpacas and interact with them, feel their fiber, and if they are lucky the alpacas might give a few kisses!

Our alpacas are also available for "Off Farm" photo shoots or to make appearances at your special event!  

Types of Off Farm Events

  • Assisted Living/Sr Homes
  • Adult Day Care, Rehab Facilities, Hospice
  • Home School Groups
  • Photo Shoots
  • Special Parties/Weddings
  • Any type of group that likes to learn and would enjoy a unique experience!

Base fee is $300 for approximately one hour for two alpacas to visit your location. There may be additional surcharge depending on your location (>50 miles from Glencoe, MN) and if additional time is required. Off Farm visits are dependent on schedules, location, and weather.

If your group would be interested in purchasing some of our wonderful handmade alpaca products or our very popular alpaca socks, please let us know in advance and a small selection of products can be brought to your location!

Please send us an email if you have questions or would like to reserve an "Off Farm" visit with the alpacas!



Sunday, July 30, 2023