Plumeria Alpaca Ranch

A Passion for Breeding Friendly High Quality Alpacas

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Foundation Huacaya Alpacas

Open (Female)

Fiber -WOW! Definitely Highlandar's girl
Open (Female) Under 1 yr Light Fawn Unproven
Very sweet girl with beautiful coloring!
Open (Female) 1 yr Medium Brown Unproven
Immense heaven...wide horizons!
Open (Female) Under 1 yr True Black Unproven
Shining golden beauty!!
Open (Female) Under 1 yr Medium Fawn Unproven
Top 5-10% EPDs
Open (Female) 3 yrs Light Fawn Unproven
Open (Female) 4 yrs Dark Silver Grey Proven
Open (Female) 5 yrs Medium Fawn Proven
Very fine Dominant daughter
Open (Female) 2 yrs White Unproven
Open (Female) 2 yrs White, Beige Unproven
Extremely DENSE Dominant girl
Open (Female) 3 yrs Beige Unproven
Non-stop talker!
Open (Female) 3 yrs Medium Brown Proven
So dense!
Open (Female) 4 yrs Dark Silver Grey Proven